Well advised in private!

Nowadays, the insurance jungle is still difficult to see through for private customers who are not usually proven experts. In some cases, many people have multiple savings products, but no minimum coverage level for accident or illness. It is important to create a solid basic framework and extend it to all family members within affordable limits. From motor insurance and homeowners’ insurance through to health insurance policies, there are many aspects to consider. Anyone who has made provisions with the right individual insurance package can sleep soundly with a feeling of security.

Individual coverage concepts from professionals

We offer comprehensive and holistic insurance concepts for all areas of everyday life. In this respect, we do not offer any standard solutions, but we individually adapt the concept to your requirements. You benefit from the ideal price/performance ratio for your insurance policies due to the optimisation of the coverage concepts. In most cases, the focus is on securing one’s livelihood as well as maintaining health and the capacity for work.

We provide individual and comprehensive advice:

  • Free policy check: Initial contact by an adviser in your area to check and optimise your existing insurance policies.
  • Creating an individual insurance concept: Motor insurance, property insurance and accident insurance policies, concept solutions relating to financing, biometric risks (such as e.g. occupational disability and care), solutions concerning pension provision, survivor’s pension and capital accumulation for minors.
  • Special concepts for group insurance policies: Thanks to our network, we can offer group insurance policies with special conditions and premium-free additional benefits to many of our clients, depending on their employer.
  • Ongoing advice: Your personal adviser will also support you with all questions after the conclusion of the contract.
  • Claims processing: Our team coordinates the professional processing of claims in cooperation with the respective insurer.