Set focus.

Identify what's important – and advise accordingly

Each person has their own individual requirements. Our solutions are tailored accordingly: With regard to the risk management process, we rely on our specially developed KOBAN SÜDVERS risk software that we use to individually address the constantly changing risks and thus make a qualitative contribution to holistic company management.

Why can we do this? Because not only are we very familiar with the insurance market, but we also do everything to understand your business. Insuring is not the starting point for our considerations, but rather the understanding, minimising and avoiding of business risks. This way we can also actively recommend continuously more favourable benefits and systematically support you for many years. You will be accompanied by a permanent contact person – at home and for your international activities.

Attention to detail

Do you have big plans for the future and, above all, do you have the whole picture in mind? We not only examine the three-page contract, but also the 60 pages of exclusion criteria, so that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises. Your vision should certainly not fail because of a triviality. We support your plans for expansion with the right risk management, internationally valid safeguards and numerous special offers. Our aim is to relieve you as much as possible with our services, so that you can devote yourself to your business without any worries. As a result, you can concentrate on the realisation of your goals with peace of mind.

It is important for a production and trading company to have business risks regularly reassessed so that the company is also sufficiently covered. This is also a major concern for us when it comes to the planned expansion of our business. The team of experts from KOBAN SÜDVERS is advising us on these matters.
As a result of the comprehensive restructuring of my pension model, I am not only better covered, but I have even recovered capital. I was not aware of how high the optimisation potential was.
We have found a partner in KOBAN SÜDVERS that can support our dynamically growing group globally and has impressed us with commitment and innovative spirit.
Our employees have shown interest in special insurance solutions. For this reason, we developed individual solution packages together with KOBAN SÜDVERS and these are now offered in-house – a great service that benefits our employees.
The achieved premium reduction was like a windfall.
In my view, it is extremely important to get advice from an independent insurance expert in case of a claim. My claims settlement expectations after the fire were far exceeded by KOBAN SÜDVERS.

Satisfaction all round.

It is the small but subtle differences that our clientele appreciates about the support from KOBAN SÜDVERS:
The framework conditions, exchange in everyday life, transparency and cooperation must all be right. If you need us, we are here for you with service, knowledge and commitment. 

An insight into our services that we use to make your daily work easier:

  • We are always available for our customers and we act efficiently, flexibly and quickly.
  • We operate worldwide for you and actively together with you on site. Because we know: Every minute counts when it comes to global claims for compensation or damages. Thanks to our WBN network partners, a specialist is available to assist you on site. Your personal company adviser will also accompany you for all international activities.
  • For maximum transparency at all times and any place, use our modern WBNet 3.0 in your customer portal, the database with all documents and data regarding your policies, claims and contact partners.
  • Learn about everything that moves your company forward in the market in seminars, lectures or workshops that are specially tailored to you.