Our values


Our team is composed of excellently trained customer advisers and risk managers as well as specialists in a wide range of insurance disciplines, whose knowledge and experience we network. We are your first point of contact for complex problems – we solve current and also old unresolved problems.


Our customers have a strong team of committed insurance experts at their disposal, and not only throughout Austria, but also worldwide via the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN): As a result, our customers always have a locally based personal adviser who is there for them and knows the regional specifics. With concentrated international expertise, we ensure that insurance programmes are globally coordinated and we also provide our customers with optimal support in case of a claim.


We remain true to our values and we invest in the trust of our customers as the most important asset with all our strength. Insuring is not the starting point for our considerations, but rather the understanding, minimising and avoiding of business risks. As a representative of the customers’ interests, you have our utmost loyalty, since our advice focuses on our customers’ companies, not their insurance policies.

Regional roots

We see our task as supporting and assisting our customers with the big and small worries of everyday life. Thanks to our regional locations and international partners, you can contact us directly on site around the clock and we work intensively together as a team.


We are all about the details! We do not provide any recommendations before we have accurately examined and comprehensively understood the facts – this is the only way that we can recognise circumstances that are not obvious. Our standard of quality is reflected in our competent and careful advice: Our individual insurance solutions, which are tailored to the needs of our customers, fit like a tailored suit.


We create solutions and stand for new ways and ideas even in the most complex cases. New technologies help us to ensure that your concerns are addressed efficiently and in a performance-oriented manner. We are always in touch with the times, since increasing performance and speed in the processes benefits our customers directly. With regard to the risk management process, for example, we rely on our specially developed risk software that we use to individually address the constantly changing risks.