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We see ourselves as a one-stop shop for our customers. In addition to the conception of pure coverage models, we also offer comprehensive risk management. We therefore identify your individual needs using a current and target profile, we then develop a common risk policy, we support you with the implementation of risk reduction measures and we subsequently cover the existing remaining risks with individual insurance concepts.

With regard to the provision of our wide range of services, particularly in the area of risk management and IT security, we cooperate with professional partners who have many years of experience in these areas and hereby guarantee optimal support for our customers.


Risk management

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KOBAN SÜDVERS optimisation programme

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KOBAN SÜDVERS International with WBN

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Guarantee management

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D&O and Cyber

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KOBAN MedCare4Business

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Employee benefits

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Credit management

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  Systematic risk management

Nowadays, external influences such as increasing natural disasters, pandemics, globalisation, cyber criminality, the increase in legal requirements and high pressure on earnings require sound and holistic risk management. In addition to the reduction of risk costs and the optimisation of risk coverage, this also involves securing livelihoods and the success of your company. KOBAN SÜDVERS supports its customers with this recurring process and with the implementation of necessary risk management measures.

For us, proactive risk management means:

  • Risk management software: All process steps such as supply chains, production processes, infrastructure and any external interfering factors based on realistic loss scenarios are evaluated with the help of an innovative risk management tool in order to identify the business risk as a whole
  • Global risk management: We support our customers worldwide and our risk engineering professionals evaluate possible operational risks in your locations
  • Risk policy: We develop tailor-made concepts in consultation with your risk manager and we are at your side as sparring partners with advice and assistance. In this respect, we attach great importance to service quality and speed
  • Covering remaining risks correctly: Every company is different. Hence, there are no standard insurance policies for our customers! We develop an individual sensible insurance strategy together with you.
  • Ongoing adaptation to internal and external changes: Companies change dynamically, and so do the risks. Your concepts must be evaluated on an ongoing basis and adapted to new requirements so that there are no gaps in coverage.

  The KOBAN SÜDVERS optimisation programme

KOBAN SÜDVERS acts as a holistic risk manager and international insurance broker that analyses the potential risks of companies, shareholders, managing directors and employees. Our tools include:

  • Fire safety inspections
  • Valuation of your fixed assets
  • Liability management
  • Fleet management
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Special expertise in the areas of cyber, D&O and fidelity

Our optimisation programme serves to determine the actual insurance needs of our clients and helps to cover insurance gaps or overlaps.

Comprehensive risk management and optimal coverage of remaining risks is essential, particularly for internationally operating companies. In this respect, we use our global network WBN (Worldwide Broker Network), which is represented in over 110 countries.

Comprehensive all-round protection with KOBAN SÜDVERS

We offer comprehensive all-round protection with our KOBAN SÜDVERS optimisation programme. Your benefits:

  • Favourable premiums and planning security
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Clarity and transparency
  • Coverage at the highest level
  • Individual solutions

  KOBAN SÜDVERS - International

Nowadays, international insurance programmes and the consideration of national circumstances for companies are indispensable in the course of global networking. Every country has its own rules, regulations and laws. It is therefore important that all parties involved share the same understanding of the functioning and objectives of a programme. We are therefore a partner of WBN – Worldwide Broker Network – which is the largest cooperation of owner-managed and independent insurance brokers and ranks among the TOP 3 broker networks worldwide.

We offer our customers cross-border expertise and local support in foreign markets through the WBN. KOBAN SÜDVERS develops a uniform risk policy with the respective Austrian parent company and the programme specifications, which are then implemented together with the local WBN partners. Our partners control and supplement the continuous insurance cover according to local legal requirements, if necessary.

Our global solutions

  • Professional service directly at the location of the risk through our WBN partner in the respective country
  • Local expertise combined with global purchasing power
  • Access to international insurance markets
  • WBN Declaration of Governance
  • Insurance programmes that meet the requirements of international compliance rules
  • Transparency in remuneration issues
  • Day-to-day implementation of international insurance programmes by using the global IT database WBNet

Learn more about our WBN here:

  Guarantee management

Clients increasingly require guarantees for the processing of business transactions from their business partners in daily business life. This primarily applies to companies in the area of construction, plant and mechanical engineering and increasingly also for industrial contracts. Customary bank guarantees are increasingly being replaced or supplemented by insurance frameworks.

Guarantee management by KOBAN SÜDVERS

We deal with all risk carriers on your behalf, we provide you with full transparency regarding existing guarantees and we give you the current market overview. You also benefit from shortened inspection processes, combined with fast decisions by the guarantors.

We provide financial leeway for you

The focus is on improving the liquidity of your company. We thereby relieve your bank credit line and we make you more independent and more able to act. For example, you receive additional free funds for important investments through the replacement or avoidance of collateral. We increase the leeway you need to implement your ideas. Use your money for the things that are truly important to you.

  Securing livelihoods for companies and their managers

Like pure supervisory bodies, managing directors, board members and other company managers have professional risks, as it were, which are fundamentally different from those of a normal employee. These persons are responsible for the continued existence and prosperity of the company and they are liable both internally and vis-à-vis third parties with all their private assets. Securing the livelihood of the company is the top priority for management bodies when exercising their duties.

As a result of ongoing digitalisation, there is an increasing dependence on IT and data infrastructure, which puts the existence of the company at great risk. The cyber threat situation is also very tense in Austria and the company management faces the challenge of reducing and deflecting these risks for this reason.

Securing livelihoods with insurance solutions

KOBAN SÜDVERS considers the risks of management bodies as a whole and independently of any insurance solutions. As part of our advisory service, we survey the respective personal liability situation and we point out measures for reducing risk and possible D&O insurance solutions.

We also pursue this approach in the cyber area by looking at the risk across all insurance lines and thereby disclose the outflows of risk in all aspects. We subsequently develop an Individual and coordinated insurance concept for our clients.

Our strengths

  • All-round protection through insurance solutions in the D&O and Cyber area that are not yet available
  • Consideration of existing silent cyber coverages
  • Annual updates and further development of the concepts
  • Tailored international insurance programme for globally operating companies
  • Professional claim support, smooth, discreet and fair claims settlement

  KOBAN MedCare4Business

The health and wellbeing of employees has been falling rapidly for years, particularly due to stress in working life. The effects of such pressures have an impact on both physical and mental health in varying degrees of severity. A large number of companies already offer their staff the option to take advantage of numerous additional services for maintaining and improving health and wellbeing.

What we can offer your business:

  • Preventive medical check-up: Future-oriented provision with medical check-up including overnight stay at a 4* hotel
  • Recovery support: Costs for temporary care after a hospital stay
  • Business trip: Cost protection in the event of emergency transportation or early return from business trips at home and abroad
  • Outpatient: Private medical tariff including cost coverage for alternative medicine and outpatient surgery
  • Preventive dentistry: Cost absorption for examinations and oral hygiene up to EUR 160 per calendar year

Real added value for you and your employees!

Our customers can offer their staff extensive health protection with our special provision package.

  Sustainable provision planning for owners, management and staff

KOBAN SÜDVERS provides advice in the area of occupational pension provision and takes particular account of the pension entitlements of the management and key employees. We analyse existing pension funds and develop proposals for the out-financing and dissolution of cost-intensive commitments, if required.

Owners and managers

A provision status that we developed for company owners and managers, in which we include the comparison with existing insurance policies, serves to determine the need for retirement pensions, disability and widow’s benefits of owners and managers.

Precautionary measures that are precisely tailored to your company and the needs of your employees

  • Retirement pension: We provide advice on the numerous possibilities – from basic coverage for all employees through to individual manager pensions. All models offer a tax-free and social security-free contribution benefit.
  • Former severance pay and pension insurance fund: Employees who joined before 01.01.2003 are still in the former severance pay system. The legislator allows tax-free saving for these obligations here. Employees who joined after 01.01.2013 receive contributions in the amount of 1.53% in the pension fund. We support you with selecting the right pension insurance fund in the interest of all concerned.
  • Health management: Whether it’s a group policy with a discount on individual contracts or solutions for occupational health protection – the combination of tax benefits with adjusted conditions ensures the desired results. The KOBAN Health Network supplements useful services to maintain health.
  • Risk coverage: The coverage of biometric risks (death, occupational disability, long-term care, accident) is significantly more favourable than individual provision due to the use of collective conditions and possible tax advantages. It is also advisable for employees who travel frequently to take out insurance against liability claims in case of illness or accident. We will advise you comprehensively about your options.

Your employees are your most valuable asset!

Occupational pension provision is becoming increasingly important as an employee retention tool. The growth of different patterns of disease, such as the consequences of stress disorders and an international open labour market are both an opportunity and a risk for employers. It is becoming more important to protect your own employees and motivate them with additional incentives. Occupational pension provision not only covers existing risks, but it also brings tax benefits. Together we will find a tailor-made package for your company, which will benefit you and your employees!

  Optimal occupational provision under global conditions

We support globally operating companies based in Austria with entering new markets and the question of the right employee benefit strategy. Existing occupational provision programmes with foreign subsidiaries are examined for cost reduction potentials and liability risks and adapted to the market.

We develop provision systems for the staff of Austrian branches in direct cooperation with the foreign parent companies, which fit into the global provision strategy and meet both national and international requirements for provision and financing philosophies.

  Covering and financing your receivables

Sustainable business success also requires the successful recovery of receivables in addition to successful sales. One single customer default can wipe out several months of business success.

Our business life is increasingly influenced by dynamic processes, which can have short-term influences on previously stable customer relationships. Credit insurance provides the option to secure your receivables at the desired security level and make them controllable.

Credit insurance variants

  • Ongoing receivables coverage: Within the context of credit insurance, your customers are registered in the system and you will receive feedback on the insurability and security framework level. You report your turnover or open balance to the insurer monthly and pay a low premium rate on this basis. In case of a claim, your insured balance will be reimbursed after the deduction of an excess.
  • Project coverage: Individual coverage can be requested for individual major projects. This is also possible for international projects and covering political risks to some extent.
  • Special solutions: Top-up and single coverages enable a significant reduction in risk for increased risks or individual customers.

The optimal solution is as varied as the corporate landscape. Needs and solutions are coordinated in a brief conversation based on your typical business transactions and the desired security level.